Connect to Groups

At Lakeland Baptist Church, we desire to see people get to know God and one another better. Acts 2 speaks of a community of believers that opened their hearts and minds to learn of Jesus Christ. This new community of believers studied together and gave themselves to the relationship of the community. They prayed together, loved each other, served and encouraged one another.

Our small groups are people who meet together on a regular basis to develop a deeper relationship with God and with each other through the study of His Word. Our groups are a place where we can passionately pursue Jesus together and model for one another the kind of life Jesus desires for us, just as the church of the New Testament.

Community Groups

As a Bible believing church, we see the need for churches to be in constant community with one another. In an increasingly busy world, sometimes it's hard to slow down and make time to encourage and care for other believers. Community groups are designed for that.

The purpose for community groups isĀ to promote fellowship and intentional community in all areas of Lakeland Church life. To create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for prayer and/or bible study and discussion about Christ and sin-struggles throughout life. Ultimately, community groups will serve as a primary channel for discipleship to flourish at Lakeland.

If you or someone you know is in need of a community that will love, care for, and speak truth into your life, please contact our office so that we can provide this for you! All of our Connect Groups are designed to uphold our mission to glorify God by loving people, changing lives, and making disciples of all nations!

Sunday School & Weekly Groups

On Sunday mornings at 9:30am we have multiple Sunday School classes that meet for every age group. From young babies to senior adults, all ages are engaged in a group in some way.

During the weekdays is when our Lakeland Youth meet together for discipleship.

Also on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm is a midweek prayer gathering/bible study in which our adults meet to intercede for the nation and pray for God to move as our members are out reaching the lost with the gospel during the week.

Contact the office at for more info on Sunday School classes, the youth group, and Wednesday night prayer group!