Evangelism Resources

Below are a list of Evanglism Resource that have been helpful to us here at Lakeland.

http://www.wayofthemaster.com/ Has lots of great teaching and self directed studies to help you gain confidence in sharing your faith.

http://www.effective-evangelism-training.org/new-soul-winners.html  Lots of beginning studies in how to get started sharing your faith.  Lots of very practical helps to get you off to a great start to living and evangelistic lifestyle

www.cefonline.com  (Child Evangelism fellowship.  Articles on how to share Christ with children)


Apologetic Websites to help answer the questions people have

www.answersingenesis.org  (The largest Creation Research and Apologetic Website)

www.icr.org (Institute of Creation Research)

www.rzim.org  (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries)

www.carm.org  (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)


World Missions sites


www.joshuaproject.org  (Site that tradcts the progress in reaching the nations with the gospel and where the most work still needs to be done.)

Southern Baptist Websites




How to Interceed for the Lost

Praying for the Lost