Our Purpose

At Lakeland our mission is: "Glorifying God by loving people, changing lives and making disciples of all nations."

We do this in four ways:

Truth: In society, truth is relative to what anyone thinks is true for them. The irony is that this is far from the actual truth. We believe that the Bible is our ultimate source of truth and shows us “all that pertains to life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3). The Bible is God’s way of speaking to us and we believe that truth and wisdom is only found in the pages of Scripture. In short, the Bible informs mankind of the world, not the other way around.

Worship: “If you want to see what people believe about God, look at how they worship”-Roger Scruton. The English Philosopher taught this before he decided to profess that he is a Christian. Worship is a natural overflow of God’s truth and works in one’s life. True worship happens when the heart meets the mind in an explosion of love and devotion in the life of one who has been redeemed from death and sin, and enabled to experience overwhelming joy of the Savior. We desire to wear our emotions for Christ on our sleeve, so to speak, as we want all people to observe the love we have for Christ and the gospel.

Community: One of the most essential components of the gospel is “togetherness.” We believe that churches cannot fully display the gospel unless they join together in God’s mission. We find that there is power in numbers. Acts 2:46 says that they attended the temple together, broke bread together, and received their food “with glad and sincere hearts.” The church of the first century enjoyed being together as they worked towards making the gospel of Christ known to all people. We do this through discipleship and Community Groups throughout the week.

Mission: Good news kept secret is NOT good news AT ALL! (Romans 10:14) Missions happens every day. Each moment that a believer is alive and in the world is a mission field. However, Lakeland has a desire for all people to know the love of Christ. We have sent numerous missionaries, short and long-term, overseas to share the gospel with people who may have never heard or the gospel is restricted and neglected. Concluding our mission statement is the desire for all nations to be included in the discipleship process, and we will continue to do so until the day we no longer have to and Christ comes back in all His glory to take His bride home with Him.