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June 5, 2017: A Heart Grows Harder (Part One)

June 5, 2017:  A Heart Grows Harder (Part One)

Proverbs 29:1 (NIV)

1  A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed–without remedy.


Becki did not hear Barry’s last words, she was lost in thought as she was reminded of how the young man who killed his parents claimed to be a Christian.  She even remembered him admitting his guilt at the trial.  He did not hesitate at all to admit his guilt.  He even went further in telling the judge it was all his fault.  He confessed he had recently become a Christian and knew what had happened was because of his sin.

When Becki remembered the young man’s testimony she was furious because he was still alive without a scratch. Her mom and brother were both dead.  “Nice thing this God of the Christians,” she thought.  They can live however they want and then just confess their needs for Jesus and everything is fine.”

With those thoughts she felt herself fuming. “How could God be trusted if he let everyone off who just admitted their need of a Savior. No this was not right and this is not what she would choose to believe.  If this was the way it is then this God of the Christians could not be fair.”

Her guilt over her lying about the Williams soon dissipated. She now felt more bold and confident in her assignment to take down the Williams.  In fact, she was alive more than ever before.  She found more energy than she had felt in a long time.  Thoughts of pleasure were coursing through her mind.  She no longer felt the sting of guilt.  For the first time in four years, she had found something that made her feel alive again.  She could not see the enemy was tightening his grip on her.

As she entered her freshman biology class she would find more evidence to confirm her new found faith.

. . . .

Across town one of the larger mega-churches that had a great attraction for students had invited a professor of theology from one of the leading east coast seminaries to hold a series do open dialogues where students could come and ask whatever question they had concerning the Christian faith.

‘We need to get the word out about our professor from the Bible seminary on the East Coast.  It is not usual to be able to have a professor of his stature visit us.  Let us do whatever we can to build our attendance<” The lead pastor of Enjoy Church stated to his staff.

“Anyone have any ideas about how to get the students here?”

One of the younger staff, trained in marketing suggested, “Why don’t we see if we can hold these meetings on campus close to where the students are.  Let’s not ask them to come to us, let’s go to them>”

“That is a great idea, but how can we get space at the university. They are not very friendly to outsiders coming on their campus?” the lead pastor replied.

“I have several friends in the religion and philosophy departments and I think we can get them to go to bat for us.  These campus fundamentalists who hold to the Bible being true in every area need to be stopped soon,” came the reply of the wife of the most admired professor on campus, Mrs. Peterson.

“I have seen it before but this time they seem overzealous in their proselytizing attempts. They prey on the freshman, internationals and transfer students.  They seek to go out of their way to engage new students on campus and they are giving our University a bad name because so many of our students are being harassed by them,” Mrs. Peterson continued.

“Well, Mrs. Peterson we certainly appreciate your candor.  It looks like you are the one we can count on to secure a lecture hall on campus.  Can we get the large lecture hall for three dates over eh next month as we move toward the week-long series of topics that our new spiritualists will bring in at the end of October?” the pastor asked.

“Considerer it already done.” Mrs. Peterson replied with a flair in her voice.

.  .  .  .  .  .