Daily Devotionals

November 12, 2017:  When will I understand everything I need?



Ezekiel 42:15-20 (NIV)
15  When he had finished measuring what was inside the temple area, he led me out by the east gate and measured the area all around:
16  He measured the east side with the measuring rod; it was five hundred cubits.
17  He measured the north side; it was five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.
18  He measured the south side; it was five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.
19  Then he turned to the west side and measured; it was five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.
20  So he measured the area on all four sides. It had a wall around it, five hundred cubits long and five hundred cubits wide, to separate the holy from the common.

As you read your way through these chapters you are at once struck with the fact that Ezekiel was not given any explanation of all that he was seeing.  There was no long detailed teaching given by the man in linen dress.  For the last nine chapters in Ezekiel there is a lot of description but very little explanation of what that vision means.  I find myself asking the question, “Why no explanation?”

Here is my thought on this subject.  When a teacher wants to see if their student is really wanting to learn his subject matter the teacher can give a very complicated problem and just write it on the board and then give the assignment to go home end work it out.

Now if the assignment is far more than any student can figure out what will the really good students do?  They will call up the professor and ask for time after class.  They will go the extra mile because they desire to get it right.

These last nine chapters are confusing to many scholars but I do not think they were to Ezekiel.  I think he knew exactly what God was talking about but the Spirit of God did not give any explanation as to what all this vision meant.  I think it was precisely to call us to come closer and follow him more passionately.  Psalms 25:14 says, “The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him and keep his commandments.”

Have something in your life you just cannot figure out, perhaps God is calling you come closer.  Why not try this on for an exercise this week, make a list of all the things you have questions about.  As you meet with God every day make these questions something you ask God to clarify for you and see what happens. You might be surprised at what you learn from God.

Thanking God for unanswered questions,


Pastor Phil