Daily Devotionals

November 14, 2017:  Breathless!


Ezekiel 44:4 (NIV)
4  Then the man brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple. I looked and saw the glory of the LORD filling the temple of the LORD, and I fell facedown.


This phrase “fell facedown” appears six times in the book of Ezekiel.  It happens whenever Ezekiel has some vision of God or he encounters some angelic being.  This seems to be the regular response of those who know God when they encounter him.

To meet with God is to have everything about your life arrested.  You have your breath taken away, you cannot stand, you enter in to some sort of fear and trembling but not so that you are deathly afraid of God.  Peter would call this an inexpressible experience.

How often have you met God and come away and been completely unable to express what it was like to anyone else? Paul says that the gift we have been given is indescribable.  He writes in another place that this relationship we have in Christ with God is beyond imagination.  It defies our greatest thoughts and best hope and dreams.

Perhaps you have been misled into thinking that to meet with God is boring and dull and lifeless.  To be sure often times we go to our prayer room and come away with little sense that we have met with God, we have just gone through the motions.  What are you to do when you find that most of your time with God is just regular ordinary stuff, nothing really to write home about?

Think of it this way.  As in any other life habit or sport, you have to put in the time in practice, going through all the drills, running the plays over and over again.  Certainly one would have to say about practice that nothing of much significance happened on the practice field but if you neglect the practice, when game time comes, you will not experience the thrill of seeing how all your practice time has now come to pay off.

So we pray daily, we seek to meet with God in His Word and pray often that we might be transformed by God’s Spirit into the likeness of Christ.  One day while we are out walking through our day the presence of God will come upon us and we will find the experience that Ezekiel had because we will have tuned our lives to be able to receive the fullness of his joy when the Spirit descends on us.

Practice well, game time is just ahead,


Pastor Phil

P.S. Don’t forget to practice those up-downs it looks like we will be doing them for the rest of eternity.