Daily Devotionals

March 20, 2018: A Dangerous Strength

2 Chronicles 26:15 (NIV)
His fame spread far and wide, for he was greatly helped until he became powerful.

King Uzziah was a great king who had lived in confident trust in God for the greater part of his reign but then something happened that ruined him for the rest of his life.  A little phrase that wrought great havoc in Uzziah’s life is in our text for today. “He was greatly helped until he became powerful.”

How often do we make the mistake of praying that we might be strong and able to handle all that comes against us.  There are many saints who experience great grief trying to be strong in their walk with God. Little do they realize that it is our weakness that God’s power is made perfect.  If you can stand on your own two feet you have not yet learned the art of leaning on the Lord.

The Apostle Peter made the great proclamation that even if everyone else would deny Christ he would not.  He even went so far as to say he would willingly die with him.  O how little as saints we grasp the mystery of our strength in Christ.  It is not in our own strength that we will stand, it is only as we lean on him that we will be able to wage war effectively.  May the phrase be said of us, “He was greatly helped because he remained weak and leaning on Christ all of his life.”

Boasting in my weakness that the power of Christ may rest upon me,


Pastor Phil