Daily Devotionals

April 2, 2018: What Does God Desire For You?

Luke 24:36 (NIV)
36  While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”

They still could not believe.  The evidence was all in but it was still too much to handle.  No one comes back from the dead. Their hearts were still too hardened by the world to believe the truth about Jesus. Mary had seen him in the garden just outside the tomb, the other women had returned to tell them that they had seen an angel that told them he was alive but they had not seen him.  All they had was someone else’s testimony about seeing an angel but no one had seen Jesus, except Mary Magdalene and her testimony, was suspect because of her past.

What would God think of them for being so slow of heart to believe?  Would he berate them for their lack of faith?  Would he chastise them or pass judgment on them because they could not believe the evidence?  They were all in the upper room hiding out for fear of the Jews and Romans. The news was quickly spreading that his disciples had come at night and stole his body. They were being accused of a crime they did not commit and now their lives were in danger.

A discussion was being held in the Upper Room about what to do with all the happenings on this weekend.  They were carefully considering all the evidence and just at the right moment, while they were still considering what to do, Jesus shows up.  Now they have a bigger problem.  It seems they are all seeing things because the door to the Upper Room was locked and no one had opened it, yet here was what appeared to be Jesus standing in their midst.

There must have been a stunned silence that swept over the room.  Is this who they think it is or was it a figment of their imagination?  Once again the evidence was the door was locked and no one had opened it, yet there was something that looked like Jesus but how did he get in the room?  Some must have concluded they were seeing things, just like the women who had reported about seeing an angel at the tomb.

Now for the good news, Jesus began to speak.  They all heard him speak words they had heard hundreds of times before.  They heard him speak peace to the storm on the sea at least twice and immediately saw a calmness settle over the sea.  They had heard him speak peace to troubled souls and heal them countless numbers of times and they saw the peace that settled on those lives over and over again.  Now they were the ones troubled and unsettled.  When he spoke those words they had a peace they had not known settling on them now.

A peace of another kind entirely. But some must have surely still had doubts. How did Jesus bring peace to those who still doubted?  I hope you will come back tomorrow to get the answer.

Still Doubting?  He will still speak peace to your troubled soul.



Pastor Phil