Daily Devotionals

April 8, 2018: A Power of A Different Kind

Luke 24:49 (NIV)
49  I am going to send you what my Father has promised, but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”


The disciples had everything they needed to believe the truth about Christ.  They had forty days of living proof of his physical resurrection from the dead.  They had watched him eat and drink over the past month or so.

Surely they now have what they need in order to make disciples and proclaim the message of Christ.  They had all the education from the Master they needed, surely now they are ready to go out to the world.

Not so fast Church, not so fast.  We have been led to believe that what we really need is more education and that will be the answer to all of our problems.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Education without transformation will only lead to a more dangerous world.

We are among the most intelligent humans in the world.  We have more access to more information than any other period in history and what do you see?  Is the world becoming a better place to live?  Not in my estimation at least.

Education without transformation will only lead to greater wars and power plays.  Without the transforming work of the Spirit of God, we are in a far worse place than if we had never known.

Think of it.  If all you have is the proof that Christ is risen from the dead but still remain unchanged by the Spirit of God you would probably go off and argue with everyone as to why they were wrong and you were right.  After all, you had all the evidence you needed, right?

This is why our Lord commands the disciples to not leave the Upper Room until the Holy Spirit comes on them.  Without the Holy Spirit, there will be no loving proclamation of the truth.  There will be no passionate pleading with the lost to surrender to Christ.  Without the Spirit of God, no one would go to any dangerous place and give their life so some lost person could hear.

The command is now given to go and stay until the power from on high comes upon them.

They could not know what would happen when the Spirit came upon them but they knew that when he did they would be witnesses to the world around them of Jesus’ unfailing love for the worst of sinners.

When the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be witnesses to the world around you, you will not be able to help it.



Pastor Phil