Daily Devotionals

May 7, 2018: The Cross Our Boast

Galatians 6:14 (NIV)
14  May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Boast: to express pride in one’s accomplishments. To speak highly of your accomplishments.  To exclaim that you possess something better than others do.

Certainly, we have taught our children that boasting is not something we should do.  We look at those who boast as stuck up, snooty, proud, arrogant.  Surely this is not what we would want anyone who claims the name of Christ to express, correct?  Glad you agree.

I do have one problem though. I ran across this verse the other day and thought to myself, “Self, I said, Paul speaks about his boasting in the passage.  How can such boasting be a good thing?”  So I gave myself to consider this question as it concerns us.

Paul indicates that we have good grounds to boast, to express pride in speaking highly of our accomplishments, to proclaim that we have something better than others.  How does this work?

Paul says that we can boast in the cross of our Lord Jesus. When we boast in the cross of our Lord Jesus what are we boasting in?  The cross tells of our sinful condition and our eternal judgment that was upon us. Certainly, it does that.  So how are we to boast in this truth.  Let me suggest a few ideas.

When you see the cross be reminded of what could have been your judgment.  You should have been crucified but you were not.  You should have been sent straight to hell due to your rebellion against God and his laws, but wait a minute you are here to tell of his amazing grace that sent his son to take your punishment in his body so you would be set free from judgment.  When you look at the cross and contemplate its meaning remind yourself that this was to be your cross.  You were the one set aside for judgment this was your place of execution.  Take a long look at the cross and how would you have been crucified under the judgment of our holy and just God.

Is the scene terrifying to you? It should be.  Then take another close look at the cross.  Do you see anyone on it now? It is empty.  There is no one occupying your place, not you not our Lord not anyone.  Why? Because the cross was and is eternally sufficient for all of our sins and all of those of all those who will ever trust in Christ.

So today you can go out and boast that you did not have not die on the cross for our sins, God the Father and Jesus the Son made a way for the worst of sinners to come home.  The cross is now empty because the wrath of God has been eternally satisfied and you can come home.


Hallelujah for the Cross,


Pastor Phil