Daily Devotionals

May 8, 2018: The Cross our judgment

Galatians 6:14 (NIV)
14  May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Ok, so how can it be that through the cross I am crucified to the world?  That which causes most of my problems is my attraction to the things of this world.  I long to have what other people have. I desire to have the best of this world, houses, cars, fame fortune, etc.  There is a constant war going on inside.  Desires for things other than God constantly bombard my mind and heart.

If what Paul says is true, then somehow, the cross applied to my life should put to death these inordinate desires. Paul says the world is crucified to me through the cross.  If the world is crucified it should no longer cause me any trouble, right?

I must be missing something, may the Lord, who died on the cross, help us understand just how this works.  How does the cross work in us to put to death the desires for the things of this world?

Paul says that it is through the cross.  There is something about the power of the cross that empowers us to find deliverance from the things of this world.  Through the cross, the cross is our instrument of deliverance somehow. The Cross represents the things that God values.  The cross reveals to us the true value of things temporary and eternal.  The cross is composed of a horizontal dash and a vertical exclamation mark.  The two of them together form an addition sign.

The cross says the things of this world are not God’s best.  The love of this world will only lead to subtracting everything of eternal value from your life.  It is God’s minus sign that reminds us that nothing in this world will ever be good enough for any of his children and we are not to be deceived by the deceitfulness of riches and the pleasure of this world.

The cross also is an exclamation mark that reminds us that God will not let any of his children ever be lost.  He drove a stake in the earth to say to all his erring children I will not let you be lost I will come and offer myself in your place so you will never have to face my wrath.  It is his exclamation mark that He will do what is necessary to rescue us fully.

The cross also is a plus sign that tells us when we receive Christ we receive everything that added to our life and lost all the things that detract from our lives.

It is through the cross that we see true reality and find eternal life. The cross was our place of judgment but now it becomes something far greater.

I have added a new hymn rendition to help you glory in the cross/

Hallelujah for the Cross,



Pastor Phil