Daily Devotionals

December 10, 2018: How to know if God is speaking to you!


Job 4:12-16 (NIV)
12  “A word was secretly brought to me, my ears caught a whisper of it.
13  Amid disquieting dreams in the night, when deep sleep falls on men,
14  fear and trembling seized me and made all my bones shake.
15  A spirit glided past my face, and the hair on my body stood on end.
16  It stopped, but I could not tell what it was. A form stood before my eyes, and I heard a hushed voice:


Eliphaz, Job’s friend tried to convince Job that what he was saying was right.  How does a person try to convince you what they are saying is right?  There are many ways you can convince someone you are right.  Eliphaz takes the prize in this grand illusion.

“listen Job the reason I know I am right is because I heard this faint whisper in my dream last night and then I awoke to see the form gliding past my bed  and then all of my hair stood straight up.  This had to be none other than the angel of the Lord.  What I am telling you is true because I heard it from an angel.”

Sound convincing?  It certainly does to those who are given to dreams and visions.  We will hear later from the Lord on this one in Chapter 42.  How are we to discern if this voice is from God or not?  Let us test their words, not what they have seen or heard.

Job 4:6-7 (NIV)
6  Should not your piety be your confidence and your blameless ways your hope?
7  “Consider now: Who, being innocent, has ever perished? Where were the upright ever destroyed?


Eliphaz tells Job to put his trust in his own righteousness.  “Job you have been a good man so why not trust your own righteousness, should not this have been your hope.  I have never seen the righteous perish.  If you are near perishing perhaps, you have sinned in some way since we all know that the righteous never perish.

How could Eliphaz be so dense?  Had he never seen anyone die?  Do not all men die someday?  Much of what Eliphaz said was good but he missed it here.  If one claims to speak for God his message better be 100% spot on, otherwise we should not listen to them.

There are those in our day who claim they know when Jesus is coming back, they write books and make predictions, and they are then found to be very wrong.  False prophets are great in going into detail about what God has told them so they sound rather wise in their own eyes but they are only speaking empty words.

Those who are deceivers will spend much time telling us how they saw God, or met Jesus when they died, or how some angel came and sat at the end of their bed and told them what to say.  If these are the words they use, have nothing to do with them.

If what they say goes contrary to Scripture then run from them, they are false prophets.  The message for us is just because someone says they met God and they even have the experience to talk about, if that experience leads them to give false words about God they did not meet Jesus  they met the angel of light.

The people in Job’s day did not have the complete revelation of God; they had to rely on dreams and visions.  We live in a day when God’s Word has been given to us in full measure.  Thank God that you do not have to rely on what someone received in the dark of night.  We now have the full light of God revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures and they all point us to the perfect revelation of God in His Son Jesus Christ.