Daily Devotionals

December 11, 2018: When rest will not come.

December 11, 2018: When rest will not come.

Job 7:13-15 (NIV)
13  When I think my bed will comfort me and my couch will ease my complaint,
14  even then you frighten me with dreams and terrify me with visions,
15  so that I prefer strangling and death, rather than this body of mine.


You have had those nights when you were overwhelmed.  You could not stop the fear from rising up in you.  You tried everything to quiet your fears and anxiety but nothing helped.  You thought you could at least get a little reprieve from the constant pressures of your life but when you put your head on your pillow waves of fear rose up from deep within you and rest you so needed disappeared only to be replaced with tossing and turning.

It would have been better for you to be on a ship in the midst of storm instead of in your bed, and then you could have at least caught a few winks between the times when the waves subsided.  Your bed is now no place of rest and comfort.

Job can identify with you and your sleepless nights.  He found the same thing happened to him when he tried to rid himself of the terrors of the night or the plague that held tightly to his bones and covered him with sores.

What was it that kept Job alive in these turbulent times?  Many others would have given up hope and sought to end their life but for some reason Job does not.  IF you remember, back in chapters one two, God told Satan that he could take everything Job had, including his health but he could not take his life.

Job was going through what many would say was a type of spiritual cleansing, a chemotherapy of the soul.  God was allowing Satan to buffet Job in wave after wave of trial and affliction.  Job was reduced to cursing the day of his birth, complainant that God will not let him die, etc.  This was perhaps the most horrific trial anyone alive has ever faced.

Question-“What was it that kept Job alive?”

Answer- “God.”

Job could not see it at the time but God was purifying Job so he could enjoy God in ways he had never even entertained.  God held Job’s life in his hand. He was actively working so Job’s greatest pleasures would soon be realized. Nothing was going to stop God from getting Job in the position to enjoy Him to the fullest.

Are you experiencing times of difficulty and hardship?  Feel like giving up?  You have a God who cares for you far more you than you know.  He is working out his plan so you will enjoy his greatest pleasures in the not too distant future.

Rest and be assured it will come upon you when you least expect it.

The days of pleasure and everlasting joy are just up ahead.