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December 13, 2018: Self-righteousness dies a very slow death

December 13, 2018: Self-righteousness dies a very slow death

Job 13:15-18 (HCSB)
15  Even if He kills me, I will hope in Him. I will still defend my ways before Him.
16  Yes, this will result in my deliverance, for no godless person can appear before Him.
17  Pay close attention to my words; let my declaration ⌊ring⌋ in your ears.
18  Now then, I have prepared ⌊my⌋ case; I know that I am right.


Job is under the hand of God who is attempting to reveal to Job his own self-righteousness.  Satan has removed all the things that Job was putting his trust in revealing Job was a closet idolater.  Job could not see it.  He was too busy trying to justify himself before God.

Do you hear these words, “Even if God kills me I will still stand up to him, and plead my case.”  In the face of trials and afflictions, no one in his day had even approached Job in the department of suffering.  IN spite of all he has heard he continues to hold out his innocence of all sin.

His argument that no godless person can appear before God to argue their case but he says that will appear before him to argue his case.  Apparently, he sees himself as the one righteous person who can stand before God in his own righteousness.  Wow!

Job has been religious all of his life.  He has offered the required sacrifices every day.  He has prayed for his children and for their successful lives.  It all turned out to be good at first.  Job even helped around the city.  If there was ever anyone who was down on their luck, they could count on Job to help them out.  If there was ever a righteous person it surely would have been Job.

Are you like Job?