Daily Devotionals

December 21, 2018: There will be no more gloom!


Isaiah 9:1 (NIV)
Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom for those who were in distress.”


As you find yourself rising out of the pit of despair the word now enters in full force, “Nevertheless!”  Despair no is overrun by gladness and joy.  You find yourself standing on solid ground, the pit you were falling into no longer seen anywhere.  There is laughter, light, joy, and gladness.  You have stumbled into a celebration, unlike any celebration you have ever attended.

Your soul is overwhelmed with a feeling of ecstasy you have never felt before.  No chemical, drug, or liquid refreshment you have ever experienced can even come close.  Every great feeling you have ever experienced for even a moment in your life now is eclipsed by this ecstatic ecstasy you now know.

“I must tell somebody!  I must tell somebody!”  It is the new found desire you have to shout it from the housetops.  You want everyone to know of this pleasure; this joy that you now know could be theirs as well.

O but wait just a minute!  The enemy has not given up on you that quickly.  He pulls out all his best and the assault begins.  You hear voices, “It will never last!  It is only a figment of your imagination!  This is not really true!  It is only a dream that you will wake up from soon!”

Gloom begins to settle on you once more.  Despair ascends from the pit.  Doubts begin to echo in your mind.  All at once, the joy that you felt begins to fade.  Your mind turns to dark things.  Light is slowly being extinguished.  You feel yourself beginning to fall again.  You have been led to see what can never be yours.  Now the pain is unbearable.  You have tasted of the good world to come but now it is being taken away from you.

As the last ray of light flickers off you are left in a darkness that is even more oppressive.  Hope is gone, joy dissipated, despair retaking the ground.  You do not want this to be true, but it is.  You can hear the words; you have said them a thousand times before.  “Who do you think you are to deserve such joy and gladness?  Look at all the things you have done to rebel against this one you called your God.”

You get it now.  What you just experienced was what heaven would have been like if you had done what was right and good.  Your enemy is now taunting you.  “You thought you were going to stay there and experience all the joys of heaven.  You do not deserve them.  Now every moment in hell you will be reminded of what you could have had if you had only been good.”

Is this to be your life for the rest of forever?

Tune in tomorrow