Daily Devotionals

January 20, 2019: The Life of God’s People


Lamentations 4:20 (NIV)
20  The LORD’s anointed, our very life breath, was caught in their traps. We thought that under his shadow we would live among the nations.


How shall God’s people live in dark times and thrive when all other avenues of life are taken from them?  Consider what the people of God have come to understand because of this great devastation of their city.

What did they say about the true prophets of God?  They called them “their very life’s breath.”  It was the words of the true prophets of God that supported God’s people during the trying times before and after the fall of Jerusalem.  The prophets represented the Word of God to God’s people.  This sustaining grace kept them alive and trusting in God when all other forms of faith were gone.

It is the same for us in our day Church.  The Words of the Prophets written down for us in Holy Scripture are nothing short of our very life.  To neglect this word is to fail to feed on food that sustains.  To neglect this word is to live without strength.  To neglect this word is to find yourself languishing in your faith.  To neglect this word is to refuse to commune with your Creator, who desires to give life and breath and everything else to all those who call upon Him.

Go ahead, open the Bible, eat to your heart’s content.  Trust me there is a great meal for all who will eat at this banquet table.