Daily Devotionals

January 25, 2019: Safety in being Completely poor


Jeremiah 39:8-10 (NIV)
8  The Babylonians set fire to the royal palace and the houses of the people and broke down the walls of Jerusalem.
9  Nebuzaradan commander of the imperial guard carried into exile to Babylon the people who remained in the city, along with those who had gone over to him, and the rest of the people.
10  But Nebuzaradan the commander of the guard left behind in the land of Judah some of the poor people, who owned nothing; and at that time he gave them vineyards and fields.

No army could stand up to the Babylonian armies.  They ran over every opponent they faced.  Children, wives, and young men were slaughtered if they opposed them.  No one was safe.  No one that is except the poor and the destitute.

Can we learn anything from this passage for our lives this morning?  Absolutely, if you want to survive the confrontation with any army more numerous and stronger than you surrender completely and take the vow of poverty spiritually and you just may find yourself living in the land when everyone else is taken into captivity.

Did our Lord not tell us that it would be the meek, the spiritually poor that would inherit the earth?

If we live as poor men, we will truly possess the world.

Getting rid of stuff so I can be truly poor for the sake of the kingdom.