Daily Devotionals

February 8, 2019: For those who refuse to Repent and trust in God.


Daniel 5:5-6 (NIV)

5  Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote.

6  His face turned pale and he was so frightened that his knees knocked together and his legs gave way.


Belshazzar had all the evidence from his own family history that Israel’s God was the one true God.  But once more the boastful pride of life takes down another one in his prime. Belshazzar was boasting of his power and might so he decided it would be a good thing to have the holy vessels from God’s temple in Jerusalem brought out so they could drink wine out of them.


When they did so, they boasted in their false gods of gold and silver and wood and stone.  How senseless this act was.  Belshazzar did not believe because he lacked evidence, he did not believe because he loved his sin and the pleasure that it brought him.

Then the hand appeared, and everything changed.  A party that was a drunken orgy suddenly became cold stone sober.  All it took to take the wind out of their sails was a small hand appearing on the wall.

Behold how tenuous the pleasures of this life.

There was a man who had been seasoned by decades of looking to God and setting his affections on things no in this world.  He would be the one that would deliver the message of the very soon demise of the Babylonian nation.

Daniel would be given a reign of over one-third of the now Persian empire. Once again we see how living for the glory of God and not for yourself can lead a person to find great joy in this life and the next.

Whose life are you living for?