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March 24, 2020: The Testing of Your Faith: Oh, No Not Again!

March 24, 2020: The Testing of Your Faith, Oh No Not again!

I Kings 17:17-24

God had demonstrated that he could make the jar of flour and the jug of oil last for months if needed.  All the widow woman had to do was to trust in the word of Elijah and give him her last meal. God would do the rest as he provided for her and her son for several weeks until the drought was over.

The Scripture says that is was sometime later that the widow woman was to undergo another test.  Before she only thought she was at the end of her rope, but she was not.  The first time we meet her she was only about to run out of food, but this time she was going to have to face a test of a different kind.  Her only son was going to die today. 

No one had ever seen a dead person come back from the dead.  This would be a first in human history. Note how angry she was toward Elijah. This widow woman was going to witness a first in human history.  Pay careful attention to the details in this account.  Her boy dies. The evidence is clear he is dead.  She grows angry at Elijah and spews her hatred on him. Hear her words, “What do you have against me, man of God?  Did you come to remind me of my sin and kill my son?”

She reached the wrong conclusion about her circumstances.  She thought that God was out to get her for her sin when he was pursuing her to show his overwhelming grace.  Did she have faith to believe her boy would come back form the dead?  Not on your life.  She had no faith at this point.  Does God refuse to hear her cries and sobs?  He heard and then prepared to do something about it.

“Give me your son!” Elijah commanded. Before she had only to give him her last meal but now, she must give up her only son that was dead.  What more could God want?

Watch carefully. Elijah takes the boy up to his room and cries out to God.  Elijah took only what he had and presented it to God and look what happened.  The widow woman presented her dead, lifeless boy to God and Elijah cried out to God and the widow woman was given back her son.

Because this woman gave all she had that was precious to her she received a miracle of incredible proportions. Did she have faith that her boy would rise from the dead?  No!  Did she have faith to believe that God would do anything?  No!

It was the faith of someone else that took the boy and presented him to God that brought this miracle.  I wonder what might happen if we took the circumstances that looked bleak and hopeless and presented them to God? Could life come out of death? Could joy come out of gloom? Could hope spring from the valley of despair?

What place of hopelessness do you have to give to God?  What circumstances are causing you to lash out at God?  Why not present them to God and lay them at his feet as Elijah did the dead boy.  Could God bring you joy and hope again?  The widow woman had no idea, but she gave her lifeless son to Elijah and look what happened.

Tomorrow we will examine another person who was the recipient of a miracle even though they could not believe.