Daily Devotionals

May 11, 2020: Reason To Rejoice-God Is Preparing a Greater Future For His People

Amos 9:13-15 (NIV) 

 13 “The days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills. 

 14 I will bring back my exiled people Israel; they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit. 

 15 I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,” says the LORD your God. 

This passage in Amos speaks of a long in the future plan for Israel, God’s Chosen Nation. God created Israel to be the vehicle through which the Messiah would enter to rescue those who are redeemed. God made a promise to Israel that he would establish her in her land at the end of the days. This promise to Israel has been problematic for many. Some reach the conclusion that God broke his promise to Israel. If God has broken his promise to Israel, we must ask, “Can He can be trusted?”

This is the reason we believe the Scripture. Nothing outside of Scripture can help us with our interpretation of Scripture. When our eyes do not see what the Scripture says, we tend to reject the Scripture in favor of what our eyes see.

How can this view of Scripture be correct unless there is a future for the land of Israel? The only way many in our day reconcile this passage is to reinterpret Scripture through the lens of current evidence.

Many would say that God is finished with Israel, and these passages have to be interpreted allegorically instead of literally for them to make sense.

There is one problem with that position. The text does not allow you to do that. What did God promise to Israel in this text? To bring Israel back to her land, and she would never again be uprooted from it. 

God made a promise to Israel that he would bring her back to the land, which is the territory of Israel now. He said she would never be uprooted again from her land.

Who promised this? God did. If God does not keep his word to Israel, then he is seen as a promise-breaker, and we can have no confidence in His word.

However, this is not the case. We see the nation of Israel back in her land, we are watching God protect her from every possible demise. 

God has kept his promise to his people for over 4,000 years. If he can keep his promise to his people for these many years, then he can be counted on to keep whatever promise he has made to those of us who have trusted in His Son.

The Scripture says God keeps his word. We believe His Word even when the evidence is to the contrary. 

Let God be true, and every man a liar.

Hear who the Jewish Apostel Paul said it in 2 Corinthians 1:20 “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him, the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.”

Reason to rejoice- God keeps every one of his promises.