Hard Questions

To your benefit, we believe the Bible has answers to all of our challenging questions and concerns in life. We hope that the articles that our content team creates can be of help to those who question or challenge the Christian faith, as well as those seeking to defend the faith!

If God is loving how could he…?

This is the start to most questions about God. For years people have been skeptic of the Christian faith on account of “If God is good, he would not…” People ask this for many reasons. For one, because many people believe that humans are naturally an optimistic race. That we always look for the best in each other and that

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What was significant about the Reformation?

Five Hundred Years Ago Today For over one thousand years, the world was in darkness as to what God expected of humans.  The religion that was launched in 33 AD had been kept in cloistered halls of the religious elite.  The Bible had been taken away from the common person.  The common person was told they did not have the

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