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What is Hope for the City?

Hope for the City is a movement created to cover the cities of our nation in prayer. A team is carrying the cross of Christ as they walk the streets of the city and pray for revival and awakening. Join us in praying for our nation to turn their eyes upon Jesus one city and heart at a time. This year, we begin with Chicago.

About Chicago

The Chicago Metro area is home to 9.5 million people, the third largest city in the United States behind only New York and Los Angeles, respectively. The population has grown since the 2010 consensus when the recorded population was only 8.8 million. Of those 8.8 million people, 42% were not affiliated with any religious body while only 9.1% were involved with an evangelical church. Chicago is made up of 77 different neighborhoods, each having their own identity. As you can imagine, the Chicago Metro area has a wide ethnic and religious diversity. 108 people groups live in the Chicago Metro area with 86 of them coming from across the Atlantic. Within those 108 people groups are people who practice a variety of religions, such as, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and many more.

Chicago is a city rich in diversity, and rich in potential for the gospel to reach all nations.

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